Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gossip Girl and the City

Gossip Girl:
  • This new episode was a little too gloom and doom for me.. I kinda wish there was a little more humor and fun added in with the drama like some of the older episodes.
  • Serena and Dan, Rufus and Lily.. I can barely keep it straight anymore. But the whole twist with the baby.. wow.. really surprised me.. now dan and serena's relationship is even weirder..
  • Jenny going back to school.. a little surprised by that.. what did she just give up her dream? what now for her?
The City: I don't want to get into a debate on whether or not its staged or reality.. in fact.. I don't even care, but everyone has thier guilty pleasure show, they are embarassed to say they watch and this is mine. I loved the first two premiere episodes so much that I watched them three times... I catch new things everytime I watch. Alright, now episode 3 was quite interesting and I am still hooked.
  • Whitney and jay... oh my.. what can I say.. they are just so adorable together.. I can hardley stand it.. Jay is just to scared of commitment or something.. they are definitely not on the same page..
  • Duncan and Erin= will never be cuter than Whitney and Jay together..
  • Sneaky sneaky little Whitney running out of the shoot to check out some apartment. I think she made a wise choice.. but what do i know. I think anyone would jump ona place that nice in New York.. if they could afford it.

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