Sunday, March 8, 2009

back from the dead

the ring I gave my friend for her birthday
little elephants my dad brought back from India

My friend modeling my vintage hat

My first assignment; make a dress out of paper towels. There is braiding on the other half, but I did that after the picture.

I've been super busy lately and my free time as at an all time low so not much posting will be taking place other than the random one I might be able to squeeze in on Sundays or Mondays. Good News... because I have been gone so long, I have a lot to post about and Spring Break is coming up and I know I will be posting everyday with new and exciting stuff! Haha so look forward to that!


OLiViAtheoneandonly909 said...

I'm in love with this dress...

KB said...

Cool dress, I once had to make something out of newspaper. I like it when you force your creativity to make garments out of unexpected stuff. Cool blog!