Sunday, March 22, 2009

more randomness

my musical binder!

I made this skirt earlier this week. I still have to finish the hem but other than that its done. I made it with some vintage curtains me and my mom found at an antique store. Can't wait to wear it..
with these shoes!

hahah I kinda got a little bored and started taking close up pics of like everything!

letter I'm going to send to NYLON... it was fun to make.. not done yet though

LOVE my new nailpolish! OPI is the best! My camera doesn't do these colors justice..
(from left to right- party in my cabana, louvre me louvre me not, and done out in deco >prettiest lavender ever!<)

1 comment:

Omjer said...

I have those moccasins, bought them in Wimbelton, England did u? Love love love your blog!