Saturday, June 20, 2009

"today.. I walked a mile in her shoes"

I got a printer and a scanner! finally! I start my summer portfolio program in 8 days and I am very very excited... even though I will be there from 9 to 4 every weekday. Maybe my loss of free time will result in more determination to finish projects and actually do shit. I'm excited to meet all the people who come from out of town and be around people who are actually interesting for a change. Anyway, I'm reading the Virgin Suicides right now..... it's such a good book and an even better movie and the cover makes me think of dreaming. hmm.. what else is new? My "friends" are kinda being annoying lately.... not unlike how they normally act.. but what evs... My friend in France is not responding to my many messages to her! (hint hint.. answer me!) I am getting bugged about not posting often enough...... really people? Go start your own blog then! sorry I have a life!.. not really... anyway, I've been kinda in art mode lately and sketched out this mystical James Jean prada collab esque type panarama and I'm likin it. All there is left to do is ink and paint and whala! Sorry for all the fragments and wierd run-on sentences...

wishing I was in Tokyo,


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