Saturday, July 25, 2009

James Paul, shoes, and Reina Del Cid

Okay, for anyone who watches The Fashion Show.. I would just like to say ... JAMES PAUL SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!! omg... it is rediculous insanity why he only got 19 percent of the votes is crazy.... ohh I hate public voting shows... the stupid public doesn't know anything. okay thats all I wanted to say about that. Also wanted to share these shoes.. that I want.
You can buy them here.

Ohh and while I'm supporting a bunch of my favorite artists.. check this girl out.. her lyrics are stunning... someone please give her a contract.


kibberon said...

I agree about The Fashion Show. James Paul's collection was the most innovative I think. And I love love loveee these shoes! I'm so excited for the movie. Your blog is very good by the way.

dont be blah said...

oh thank you!

Anonymous said...


LOVE the shoes C: