Tuesday, October 20, 2009

star star teach me how to shine cuz I don't understand these people

oh natalie dee......yuh kills me.

"strict joy" comes out a week from today (thats tuesday the 27th for you slow folks..) so go pre-order now.. preferably the deluxe album.. which is such a steal by the way.. tons of live songs and "star star" which is one of my favorite songs. Also been listening to the soundtrack to Where the Wild Things Are.. which is epic. I bought that the day it came out and it's all I have been listening to. Hmm... other than that it was a pretty sucky day. I was supposed to go to this life drawing class (its free, anyone can go) but I can't find anyone to go with me (none of my friends are real art freaks like me/ into looking at a old naked men for any number of hours) .. so I was too chicken to go by myself. Which got me in a bad mood because I really wanted to go. I personally like drawing naked people... hahah and I need it for portfolio duhh. okay enough of that....awkward.

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