Sunday, December 20, 2009


I got sick in the middle of my last exam and have to retake it monday. Off course this would happen to me. So basically, my christmas break hasn't started yet. wahhhhhh. never the less, I have tried to stay optimistic and have actually gotton a lot of my christmas presents all in order and ready to be wrapped. Lets see.... what else is new? well I'm still trying to teach my self guitar. So far I've only learned the first 3 strings, but I got too excited and skipped ahead to the major and minor chords section of my "Learn Guitar Today!" book. Don't you just love that title. Haha it makes it sound like you are going to learn how to play an instrument in one day. But I am lucky because three of my uncles are musicians and they give my tips and cool stuff like that. So my fingers are pink and purple and starting to blister. wow.. I just realized I've been rambling quite a lot in this post. Whatevers, its what I'm good at. Right now I'm working on some drawings and paintings fro my soon to be etsy shop and I'm also hanging pictures on my walls of vintage national geographics that my grandma gave me. Fun, Fun, Fun. I take my math exam at 9 o'clock tomorrow. A tout a l'heure!

Many updates to come during this christmas break!

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kibberon said...

I watched Beauty and the Beast last night! idk your post title reminded me.

And when I was learning guitar, my pinky hurt horribly, and my finger tips were sore all the time, but then they calloused over. That was like two years ago I think. I'm still pretty bad at guitar, but much MUCH better than when I started.