Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashiongonerogue GONE!

The day was a sad day... as I made my daily route through the interwebs, (mainly facebook and many many blogs), confusion overcame me when I typed in and was led to bing... which then led me to a very disappointing screen, stating that the host of fashiongonerogue could not keep up with the number of people visiting the site each day and therefor had to shut down. The once bright skies darkened and gloomy clouds appeared overhead. My face cast a look of "NOOOOO!" as I realized one of my valuble sources of inspiration and foreign magazines no longer exsisted. BUT THERE IS HOPE MY FRIENDS! They can continue to provide these services for the rest of the year if they can get together 2,400 dolla dolla bills and move to a personal server! THIS MUST HAPPEN! So with that, I leave you my dear friends....

And as Hank and John would say, DFTBA!


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