Thursday, February 4, 2010

I once had a girl or should I say she once had me

I really am in love with this editorial right now. The first time I saw it.. I was like... if my life were a movie(in the really nice clothes version of my life), these would be the stills. I love how eclectic everything is and the clothes and interior are so perfectly thrown together.

I have junior ring coming up and everyone in my class has been freaking out about what kind of dress they are going to wear.... and its two months away. The ceremony is basically a fashion show and nothing more. It kinda makes me want to show up in my Lindsay Weir army coat over Molly Gun's birthday dress (from Uptown Girls). Maybe with my hair all scraggaly, no makeup, possibly in slippers.. kinda go with the whole.. im homeless and just walked up off the street.... but yup.. showin up for the churchy ceremony so can I just get my ugly gold ring I will take off and never wear again....hah! as you can see im SUPER excited about the whole thing! Seeing some of the dresses my fellow classmates have picked out, just plain classic midwestern no story behind this outfit kind of dresses makes me giggle with joy!
..must go watch Demetri Martin now...

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