Thursday, March 11, 2010

cupcakes and virgins and conversation notebooks

I want strands of beads in my huurr

I want this girls hair^BADLY!

Can I just be you? <3

The weather has been so nice out lately... and it makes me extremely frustrated at school. I have shin splints from running yesterday.... and god cursed me with weak ankels... ihatemylife. Life has been pretty boring this week. I can't wait for these upcoming weekends at the farm with my friends. No parents, s'mores, fresh air, and illegal things! :)

I can't wait for the weekend.
I can't wait to have time to just lay around and practice guitar and watch intelligent foreign movies and work on all the projects that are dying to be finished.
I need to devirginize my sewing machine....
well, don't tell anyone, but she's actually not a virgin..... she just hasn't been touched in awhile.
I think I'll draw you a picture in chemistry tomorrow, that cool?
awesome. g'night!

p.s. Happy birthday to a friend:) (there... happy?)

Ohhhhh ya..... me and my friends started this notebook that we write conversations in. It's really gonna be great source material for me. Anyway.. it's conversations we have or that we overhear or... make up! HAH!

I had a cupcake today:) Okay.... thats all. Good night.

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