Friday, March 26, 2010


It's Friday. My friend and I are probably off eating baked goods somewhere.. celebrating the end of school (sadly not my last goodbye) and the beginning of spring break! Something about spring break, I know its only going to last a week, yet it feels like summer break is about to begin....I'm not really sure what tense I should be speaking in right now...because as I am typing this.. it is thursday night.
Cassie is like the Luna Lovegood of skins and obviously my favorite character. Her, "oh wow..." s really get stuck in my head... like I end up saying them in public.. and people look at me funny. It's like one of those things were it seems like I have a split personality... and sometimes I'm Cassie, and sometimes I'm Abby. WEEIIRDD.
I must go now! Wish me luck! Oh how I hate goodbyes.....

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