Sunday, March 21, 2010


Basically I will be doing these scheduled postings for the rest of the week.. because I will be crazy busy....
Like I said earlier... this week will be BORING BORING BORING....

I went to goodwill and the salvation army this past weekend and bought a dress and a velvet blue top and books! It was such a great weekend, my parents went to the farm and my "aunt" Sally (she's really my mom's cousin) stayed at our house for a couple days. I mostly just hung out at home and did some random shopping, but it was nice to have someone in the house, plus she's a cool "aunt" and she spent a lot of time in our garage, smoking and painting. Sometimes I would go out and sit in her car while she made me listen to songs she wanted me to sing at the next wedding(lots of Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick). Anyway, saturday night, my uncle's fiance (soon to be aunt!) came over, we ordered chinese and watched I Capture the Castle... which got me thinking about the kind of people I spend time around. I spend a fair amount of time with older people and I've always felt more comfortable doing so, but I also am constantly around a 5 year old (my little sister), and then people my age of course as well. So I'm hoping these age differences make me a more well rounded person, but who knows. ^___^
bored bored bored

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