Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you see me walkin down the street

Okay so I've been back for awhile but.. well I just haven't felt like writing or talking about "how my college trips went" for the billionth time. BUT I finally decided to suck it up and just get on with it. I feel like such a moocher reading other peoples' blogs and then not doing anything with mine. :( So this is how I'm going to do it:
I you have any questions or genuine interest in how my experience of the tours of RISD, Parsons, FIT, or MassArt went.. just ask me in the comments, especially if you are thinking about going to any of those.
I will say that RISD was my favorite but I honestly LOVED ALL of them (exception: FIT)
My experience of New York and Providence and Boston is beyond words... I really wouldn't even know where to begin.
Junior Ring is tomorrow. When I was shopping for a dress in New York, nobody knew what junior ring was and then I told them and they were like really confused. And I was all like, "uhh ... I think this is too short for the nuns" and they were all like, "ohhh. Wait.. so are you guys Catholic?l" and I was all like,"Nope," and then I was all like, "Its like a big thing to get your junior ring at my school for some reason" and then one of them was all like, "oh, yup. My boyfriend is Catholic." and I was all like, "cool"

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