Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Education

I watched An Education last night. My very favorite scenes were when they played Sweet Nothings while Jenny and Helen sang along and got ready for their trip and the scene where Danny (Dominic Cooper... sigh.) dances with Jenny.

I want this jacket. I love asymmetrical jackets.
The student fashion shows always tend to fascinate me more than the regular shows. I don't know whether its because the designers seem more real to me; they are closer in actual age or if it's because they are students and don't have brands that they need to uphold any sort of reputation or worry about creative freedom with. Anyway.. the entire post (by SusieBubble) is quite glorious so check it out on her blog.
Must return to my Sex and the City binge. So long for now!

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kibberon said...

BAHHHHH I LOVED AN EDUCATION. Immediately after I watched it, I bought the soundtrack, and loved every song on it.