Monday, January 31, 2011

chanel couture

I did a quick little painting today. I think it turned out okay. I want to do more paintings from the couture shows! Tell me what you think.

december3 7

Have a happy monday!


mickey Vin said...

I love this painting!!! You should really do some more.
I wish I could do one in a day it takes me for ever just to finish a part [probably because I just learned].
How long did it take you to finish this??

Beenie said...

really nice ;)

Sheila said...

Love all your paintings in the blog!! They are amazing :D


Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

wow! You are so amazing! I am in love with your blog! this is my first visit and I am bowled over it! Thanks to le-happy I came to know of you!

Will stick around!