Thursday, January 27, 2011

you showed me what to do

I thought I would finish a painting I am working on but it turns out I didn't.... so I am just posting some cropped images of some old drawings. I found a bunch of these mini drawings wedged inbetween some books while I was cleaning out my room. I had totally forgot about them. Tell me what you think!
december3 019
december3 018
december3 016

xo abby


Carly said...

I really like them, particularly the last one. I love how you captured her eyes. Very expressive.

ATK said...

the smiley faces are totes awes

Becky-May said...

your artwork is honestly breath-taking. you're very talented :)


Reg Rodriguez said...

you are so talented!!:)


Patricia said...

you are a great artist , dear :D !!Love your blog.

Josefine said...

You are just an wonderful artist.
I love your header!