Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painted Ladies

Blaahhh my Mac computer is not working!! arrghhh! It is soo very frustrating. I turn it on and it goes to a white screen and then nothing happens! So if you want to help me.. comment below :) I am posting from my mother's computer at the moment. I would upload a drawing but seeing as I can't access my scanner at the moment... it's impossible. But, I haven't been completely unproductive. I got bored a couple nights ago and painstaking handpainted some earrings. If you like them, I added them to my Etsy shop. Go buy some! They're cute aren't they? Help me pay for college.... or most likely.. more sour gummie worms and tubes of oil paint! :)
erase later 210
erase later 211
I wish I could upload new drawings right now! I have so many to show you! Ahh oh well, hopefully I can get my computer fixed within the next few days.

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