Monday, November 24, 2008


I try to stay away from those silly teen mags like seventeen and bop/tiger beat or in this case, cosmogirl. I honestly hate those waste of trees type of magazines but lately cosmogirl has really chnaged my judgment of their magazine this year. I have found myself actually likely a lot of the photoshoots and even though I still am highly disgusted by the "how to win your man" and "50 different ways to do a pushup" type of articles, I do purchase the magazine anyway just for the shoot in the back pages. I am a little embarassed when picking it up, so i do a little check out of the corners of my eyes to make sure no one is around and then hide it under my teen vogue and bag of kitkats. The first pictures are from last months mag, but i truly love them. It is just so much fun and i absolutely love the neat action figure/ antique toys hanging casually around their necks. The other bunch of photos are from this months. I enjoyed these moslty because I'm an artsy fanatic and anytime a magazine has a illustration or anytype of art flare to it, I will buy it.
Its sucks that i don't have a scanner but these will have to do for the time being... the quality is bad but you get the general idea. I don't think you can see the necklaces i was talking about in this pictures.. but they were really adorable and I am planning on doing a diy style for myself.
I love how both of these shoots are soo colorful because I feel like some magazines get stuck into a monotone, simple but boring style that honestly just doesn't feed my inspirations.

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