Monday, November 17, 2008

OMFGG -The Magnificent Archibalds

This weeks episode, the thanksgiving episode, drama filled as always, left me fairly satisfied. All lot happened and a lot of loose ends were tied up as a oppose to the regular start of new drama that usually comes from the show.

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  • Didn't really like Serena's thanksgiving outfit, but i did love her hair and how all those braids tied back into a bow! That was soo cool!.... still don't like "art guy"
  • Jenny- thank god.. that all got settled and she is back home!! awwww the hunphreys all together again. I am just glad she didn't ruin everything by divorcing her parents. Toatlly loved her outfit in the last scene.. the colors were so off and worked together perfectly....
  • Happy that Blair is happy and actually seemed to care that Jenny was upset. I was a little surprised that she stayed and talked to her instead of giving her a snide remark and prancing off.
  • Nate? This is so hard. I love both jenny and Vannesa! I think I like Jenny with Nate better, but I don't want Vanessa to get all mad and not be friends with either of them. I kinda want her and Dan to have something... maybe...

OMG NEXT EPISODE.... EVERYONE FREAK OUT!!.. (kinda hope its the art guy that dies..)
xoxo, BG

love this... usually not one for the ponchos.. but.. this is cool..

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