Friday, November 7, 2008

Polaroids forever!

As many of you probably already know... polaroid is sadly leaving us all for good and heading for the gravestone. I was terribly upset when the news eventually reached me. I love polaroid cameras! They print out right away, in front of your eyes. I mean how cool is that? Every picture you take is original and cannot be reproduced... i love how the pictures aren't perfect, thats what makes them perfect! Haha anyway, i heard that they think digital cameras have completely replaced any need for polaroids. I completely diagree. With digital cameras you have to drive up to the store pick the pictures you want and edit them then wait for them to be delvelope and drive back to the store to pick them up. Too much work if you ask me. So, all of a sudden I was on a rampid search for a polaroid camera and was getting worried I would never find one. But when I was at my grandmother's house on Sunday, I thought, maybe she has one.... shes old right? (haha.. not in a mean way, cuz my grandma is the definition of cool) and she did! So the end of this story i am now delightfully happen and thankful that i have found one of the remaining polaroids left in the world today and can't wait to take some perfectly imperfect pics!

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Anonymous said...

hmmm i strongly disagree. i hate polaroid cameras. they leave a strange smell after the picture comes out. digital cameras are wayyyyyy better. you can edite the picture and the picture looks a lot better.