Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

First i would like to thank you (whoever you may be) for even reading this far... really. After much deliberation (with myself) and daydreaming about blogging, i have finally decided to actually start (blogging... that is) Anyway, i want you to know that i am not a fashion insider/ anyone remotely exciting/ important. With that said if you are still reading this..... i say whoopeee!!. I have a feeling that maybe my audience of this blog will probably consist of me, and the 0.00000001% of you that find any of my posts entertaining, interesting, possibly even fascinating! Haha (i wish) I'm thinking my blog will be full of scraps and clippings of random inspiration i find throughout my experiences but i don't want to make any promises for fear of let downs, plus, i think it will better to just let things happen. So..... if you are interested in seeing where this blog will go...... then keep watching for me!

LOTS of love......


Donkey said...

Add a "follow this blog" widget so I can remember to keep checking back! :-)

I'm pretty new, too.

Emily Johnson said...

Abby! I just looked through your entire blog. I'm obsessed with you. You are sooo talented, and you will go places. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. I love you, and good luck in college!