Friday, November 14, 2008

"What would you do if your heaven-sent job turned out to be a living hell?"

So, I just finished a book. The Devil Wears Prada. Obviously not a very new book.. but it basically took me 3 years to read. I am one of those people who starts 10 books at once and then forgets about them, but later goes back and realizes that they were reading it and then continue reading it till they finish. so that is what happened to this sad little book. I found it a couple days ago and i thought, "I'm going to finish reading this!" It was pretty good. I don't know, definitely some differences from the movie and i kind of like the ending of the movie better, this one was kinda just...a little less graceful of a way to smack Miranda in the face. It is hard to say but...I'm not sure what way i would have chosen... to just have gotten out of the car, after she told me I reminded her of herself when she was young or waited to let it soak in and then decide to say to her, "fuck you" after she asked me to get new plane tickets for her daughters.... hmmm very sticky...Anyway, i would love to hear what you thought about the novel. 

In other news: I love this picture because... 1. Its Karlie Kloss 2. The jacket/shawl/whatever the heck it is.. is just simply appealing to my eyes and beautiful 3. The colors in the outfit remind me of OPI's russian navy nail collection.. which is gorgeous.


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PinkBow said...

Hey, liking your blog so far. I'm a newie too, would love to link )