Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas break has been amazing so far and i really dont want it to end. It is like giving us the taste of freedom we get from summer and then taking it away! I've tried to stay busy and catch up on projects I have wanted to start but I also feel the urge to just relax for the next couple days I have left till I go back to the hell hole. So, I decided that I would catch up on some juicy fashion book reading, that way I am relaxing and feel like I am being productive (learning about the biz) I used a barnes and noble gift card to pruchase 3 books. Influence, by Mary -Kate and Ashley Olsen, one i have been craving after and had already read before buying on sale. Then I got The fashion designer's directory to shape and style, which is a good reference book. And lastly I got Daniel Vosovic's new book Fashion Inside Out. I loved reading all three and have already read them front to back. More on the books later though....

I got compliments on my sweatshirt (although it is crapily made) yay!

Things I am obsessed with at the moment:

The City (the show)... i know kill me.. but it is a secret obsession and i couldn't help but watch the first two episodes three times online

Planet Earth .. I got for christmas and already watched all 6 disks... everyone should see this..

SoundTribe Sector 9.... my new music fetish.. along with A Fine Frenzy's new c.d. One Cell in the Sea

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