Friday, December 11, 2009


my hair will be like this..the day I graduate, Ipromise you!!! damn school doesn't allow unnatural hair colors! and also the fact that everyone in my school would think I'm weird.. beacause they are androids. I'm getting it cut this way but I have to wait until I can dye it. Oh darn you world, let me be purple!


kibberon said...

Was that third picture on lookbook? Because I feel like I favorited that one... I like her hair and skirt.

Does your school really not allow unnatural hair color? What kind of rule is that? How oppressive!

dont be blah said...

yeah i think it was, i just have a huge folder of images on my computer so, i don't really know the source of a lot of them. It's true. they even have a rule about what color shoes we are allowed to wear (only tennis shoes of course!)