Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello dolly!

Today I bought a Hello Kitty coloring book at Walgreens and I kinda can't wait to color it and watch movies when I get back home later tonight. Yeah... my friday nights are like SUPA CRAAZY. I got my infomercial cds in the mail today. YAY! hahahha.........uhh infomercials.... my brother is mad at me because "I bought into it" but I don't care, they are good! I tried to convince my mom to let me get the new ASHISH gold wedges, but she didn't give in. She has a major thing against glitter and gold and anything shiny, so it was doomed from the start. BUT, I am determined and if I set up a good argument them maybe ... just maybe.... I will be looking fabulous at my cousins wedding!

Just look at those wedges! So AMAZING! (I can just see inside my mom's head, "Stripper wedges, stripper wedges..)
On another note.... last tuesday I was watching Lost with my brother, sister, and mom. Me and my brother were bickering about who was really inside Locke(this last phrase sounds strange but if you watch the show, you know what I'm talkin about), when I hear behind me, coming from my 5 year old sister, "Don't get mad, get glad!" If you could see my facial expression right now......
first I burst out laughing.. then I realized.. wow.. that is really sad, obviously a little too much TV.... hahahaha but still funny!

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