Thursday, February 25, 2010

sleep all day

I had a little moment last night, where I freaked out about colleges. As a junior, these moments occur freaquently. Like my stomach hurts, I am so scared about not getting into my number one choice. But then I listen to music and calm down and all is good. OMG if I don't get a drink of water right now....... aHHHHHH

okay I'm back.


So I totally zonked up my guitar yesterday and it got all out of tune and so when I practiced it sounded.. well, it sounded painful. And then I tuned it when I got home from school today and somehow it still sounds weird.....hmmmm... now what I do. (Okay I know you don't actually care about any of this...)

annnnd.... because I haven't figured out how to be techy and basically shouldn't have been born in my generation.. here is a link and not the actual video to a song that makes me rock my head back and forth.

yup so its my day off and it is wonderful!
I should really make my posts.. I don't know... actually have a point.

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ATK said...

i like the verb "zonked"