Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nobody said it was easy

I finally got my V magazine in the mail. It was lovely.
I started desgning a new dress today. It might end up being a top though.. or it might end up being nothing, hah.
I watched Grey Gardens last night. I will always love the Edies. I also went to a place called Cyranos (in St.Louis) and had a late night dessert with some friends. We shared a dessert called Bread Pudding with cherry bourbon sauce. It sounds gross, but it was delicious! I am craving it as I type. yuuuuummmmm....

I bought a book that has the collection of letter and poems that John Keats wrote for Fanny Brawne. I love it very dearly.
I have been reading a lot lately and also writing in general.
This is another update that is rather boring and pointless and I'm sorry I will try harder to make them interesting. What would you like me to post about?

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