Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't sleep in the subway darling

I always dream about "my house one day". I can picture it in my mind and know every detail down to the type of spoons I'll have. I'll have minature terraiums in glass teapots lining a windowsill and fish swimming in glass jars hanging from the branches of the tree outside. I love fish tanks and all things related to the sea... which is odd considering dark sea water is number three on things that scare me most.
1. Getting lost, while driving my myself, on streets that are foreign to me.
2. Getting raped. (Yes, getting raped is number 2)
3. Dark ocean water with unknown depths.
It will be magical. I want a room where the walls are fish tanks instead of plaster. So I'll be surrounded by water and sea life. I'll fill it with fish like these.

now thats a big fish

You know why I like seahorses? Its because the men have the babies. MUHAHAHHAHA
... and they're pwetty

My tv room will just be like a tiny box, like a crawl space, and the floor and ceiling and walls will be covered with fur, and the tv. will be placed inside the furry wall. That one might not actually happen because then I think about how hot it might get in there. hmm.
Today is Sunday. LOTS to do.

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