Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unique review

I wanna drinka coffee and snuggle up in this! (minus the stone age eyebrows... those might cause some lack of vision)

Fanatstic Mr. Fox inspiration?

Ya know I love a good flouncy skirt!

Want that bear hat!

reminds me of little kids dressing up in clothes that are way to big for them, the girl version of Max possibly?


I love how they used bit and bobs to create a fur effect.

The cut of this coat is splendid and I love how they combined it with the navy pin stripes.

The coats and jackets definitely OWNED.

I like the word Unique as the name of a brand, though it does sounds a bit pretentious, ya know? Like wow, look how unique I am, I am like super unique.

...Okay onto the review:
This collection conjured up thoughts of where the wild things are, children, comfort, and even a wonderful escapism and dreamlike atmosphere. I like the combination of Max's costume with the furry wild things. I also love the Emma Cook animal masks/hats, lots of wit!

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