Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese nail art and New York

Spring break is coming up and me and my parents are going college shopping. I am supa dupa excited to wear anything but my uniform! We are heading up east to New York and Rhode Island. I need to start making some clothes pronto for this trip! I am sure I will have many adventures... but who likes going on vacation with their parents? Not me. I can't wait to post about it though! I've know for so long that up east is where I belong....Though, my parents definietely don't belong up there so maybe I can ditch them and do sneeky fashiony things around New York by myself and walk around like I am basically freakin Andy Sachs when she turns into a clacker! I even have a playlist all set out for the trip.
My letter to New York:

Dear New York:
How you always fill my dreams at night.
splendid are you in your many majestic ways of being awesome
and to quote John Green, decreasing world suck
and the most amazing thing about you might just be the fact that you
are one of the most accepting places in our country
like I could walk out of the house wearing a polar bear on my head and not be stared at strangely
albit me and polar bears aren't the best of friends these days
presumily because of the fact not much is going on to prevent their decreasing numbers and because even though they are cute and fluffy and majestic looking (I just used majestic twice, maybe New York and polar bears are alike) they rarely see humans and therefore are quite nasty when they do. Wow.. this letter got a little off track... uhhh right.
Oh New York, New York
I know when I see you it will feel like my body is full of rainbows
and I imagine it may also feel like how it would be to live on the moon where cats could talk and only really cool non sucky people would live.

And I would also like to share these
super tripped out nails:

you can buy some here:


ATK said...


ATK said...

and i love new york too.

Abby said...

i have so many of these nail pictures on my computer! so cute!