Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bonjour! Ca va? Je n'aime pas mercredi:(

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. This week is pure nonsense.... If I don't self implode.. something is wrong with me.

My room and all my stuff is slowly accumulating in giant heaps around me... as I struggle to find space on my bed to curl up into a little ball. I bought Where the Wild Things Are yesterday! It's too special for me to watch on a poopy weekday where the thought of homework lingers in my brain all night long. My dreams have taken a sudden turn and have decided to strictly stick to the subject of summer. Every single one for the past week has been summer. I WANT SUMMER!
Oh and I also dreamed a little dream bout Missoni. The past couple seasons I have adored.
The stylig is amazing and the whole nomadic feel of it was spectacular. One of the reason I really appreciate Missoni is that everything is thoughtful and intellectual enough for me AND extremely comfy. They are outfits I could see myself wearing anywhere. :)
Don't know how well blogging is going to go for the next couple days. My cousin's wedding is this weekend and I'm singing in it. Lots to do! It all depends on how much I get done tonight. So I must leave you now and work my butt off! A tout a leur! Au Revoir!

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