Monday, March 1, 2010

Leafy seadragon

So I got to thinking yesterday about seahorses and ya know how the males have the babies and so that made me look stuff up about seahorses and then I was browsing our bookshelfs and found the COOLEST THING EVER. The how and why wonder book of fish.

excerpt: "The seahorse get its name because its head, neck and torso look very much like those of a thoroughbred horse. One of the oddest things about the seahorse is that the father, not the mother, gives birth to the babies.There are about 50 different seahorses in the oceans of the world. They range in sixe from one inch to about fourteen inches high, and are brightly colored in shades of red, blue, and ivory." (well my picture was of a yellow one... so I don't know where they got their information.)

I also read somewhere that seahorse like to swim in pairs linked by their tails. How cute is that?


"The leafy seadragon is one of the rarest fish in the whole great world of the sea. No more than half a dozen have ever been found. This odd creature is a distant cousin of the seahorse, and is about a foot long." (AKA I need one of these in my fish tank walls.)

Then I started thinking about mermaids and how badly I wanted to be one.. of course when I imagine myself as a mermaid.. its like the Disney version where the water is crayola blue and there is no dark scary waters or unknown depths.

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ATK said...

that fish looks like a piece of art! i like mermaids. and their ability to sing amazingly well and have sea creature animal friends from foreign countries.