Friday, July 29, 2011


I have been crazy busy lately; running around trying to fill up these last few weeks I have at home. Sorry I haven't posted practically all week. I meant to do a whole bunch of blogger portraits because I found quite I few that I liked but that kind of got put on the back burner ...because well...I get distracted easily by the other inspirations in my head and can't decide which ones to do first. So instead of drawing I played a few songs and made some more jewelry. oh.. and then I drew. Here's a long post!

This song is the most satisfying thing to sing. I want music forever. I want to collaborate with people badly, because I want to learn and get better and make beautiful songs! ahh!








Heather hearts fashion in sketchbook

Heather hearts fashion
This is Heather. She has amazing unique style. The end.

Have a nice night


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Great song. Those bead earrigns are so pretty.

Helen, X

Olivia Susan said...

holy moly abby can you send me some of the marble clay earrings?!?! i'll totally buy them!!