Monday, November 10, 2008


So, because I am a livid follower of gossip girl, I figured I would do a little post every monday on my opinions of that week's show. These are my thoughts:

  • Why is Jenny divorcing her parents! no! no! She should go live with vanessa instead of on the street! ohh my what are we going to do with little J?

  • I don't understand why she hangs out with Agyness, I guess because she had all the contacts and stuff, but god is she annoying. She bugs the crap out of me! And she burned all of Jenny's dresses! omg..... I would have flipped a shit on that woman! She IS insane.

  • I want to know what happened to Nate and where did he go? Apparently from the previews we will find out. I loved Jenny and Nate together.... I hope they are together in the future.

  • Dan's dilemma: I loved how Dan finally was getting somewhere with his writing, but it didn't feel right. I can't believe I am actually saying this, but I am glad he saved the Bass' family.

  • Serena and art guy, Aaron: I kinda hate them together. He bugs me, and he basically wasn't that upfront with her because he had to have noticed that she was pissed a couple of times but ignored it. And then they run off into the woods all happy and lalala....

  • Blair and mom's new boyf: I hate Blair's mom and that guy together, but it's kinda of a cute relationship between Blair and him, they are both so sneaky! (By the way, loved her amazing outfit to her 18th birthday)

  • Fashion: Blair has been seen wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs recent runway skirt and dress ( this episode) which looks pretty cute on her, fits perfectly with her style. I love Jenny's style, but this episode, it didn't really impress me. Plus, the racoon eyes are getting a little old.... just a little.

xoxo, bg

(bg stands girl, blah girl... whichever you prefer)


samaher said...

hahaha i loved the bg part :P i thought it stands for background :P

you girls are crazy about GG :S


SOS! said...

The ruffle top is to die for. I love it so much..