Sunday, February 28, 2010

batman and blueberry muffins

Tired.. very tired... I always get this way around 3 o'clock.

later that evening: (Hah, sometimes I start a post and then don't finish it for a long time)

Today was pretty long. I made bluberry muffins this morning and did my firm tape (this is the title of my 80's workout video) it kicked my butt. Did some homework, drew some designs, went to art class, practised guitar, ate dinner, did some more homework, talked to friends on facebook, did some more homework, wish I had time to clean my catastrophic room and draw a little more. booohooo.. thinking about how absolutely horrid it's going to be to go back to school tomorrow. probably going to watch Stand By Me on netflix now. Have a good night!

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ATK said...

i like muffins too.